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We are a 501c non-profit group dedicated to creating an inclusive, education-based
environment where women in the Colorado Food, Wine and Hospitality industries can
flourish and grow. It is time to gather and galvanize to not only celebrate the successful
foundation built for us in Colorado, but also to brainstorm ways to better serve
ourselves and our female community going forward.


Women’s Wine Guild of Colorado

We pledge to expand our mission to emphasize outreach and inclusion to marginalized
women in the wine industry. We understand that marginalized voices must be heard
and that more action can be taken in our organization to facilitate that.
We pledge to:
● Confront and dismantle racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, ethnic and
religious prejudice, and all forms of discrimination within our organization.
● Create safe, empowered spaces for members to dialogue about diversity and
● Provide a platform to help amplify the voices of marginalized individuals within
the Colorado F&B industry.
● Implement Implicit Bias Training
One of our first actions is taking place during our 2020 Educational Forum (Sept. 22-Oct
2). We will have Lia Jones of Diversity in Wine and Spirits lead a Bootcamp titled “How
to be a leader of change.” Attendees will be asked to take an implicit bias test before
the Bootcamp and will be invited to engage in a dialogue about the inequities of the
food and beverage industry. We will be collecting donations for Diversity in Wine and
Spirits during this Bootcamp.. In addition to the Bootcamp, we will provide workshops
for our members and community to learn how to apply for a business loan, resume
writing, and job pathing.

Signed By

Sarah Shoemaker, founding member


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