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Women's Wine Alliance advances the education of women wine professionals through seminars, tastings, mentorships and scholarships in the San Diego community.


Women’s Wine Alliance

The Women’s Wine Alliance will continue to be the leader in advancing the education of women wine professionals in the San Diego region. Being a leader in the community means advancing diversity and inclusion, as an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, we pledge to:

Building a new community with others:
1) Collaborate with organizations and companies in the food, wine and event industry to create new opportunities for more diversity throughout the San Diego community;
2) Support diversity and inclusion initiatives in the international wine industry;

Influence behavior change within our organization:
3) Commit at least one board seat will be a member from an underrepresented community;
4) Consciously plan diverse representation in our events (speakers, wines served);
5) Create safe spaces and increase awareness about diversity and inclusion through an open dialogue of our member’s experiences in our education series;
6) Review our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion progress on a quarterly basis as a board;

Supporting career advancement:
7) Designate one scholarship for a WWA member from an underrepresented community;
8) Actively encourage more diversity in our industry by offering five free WWA annual memberships for new members from underrepresented communities.

Signed By

Courtney Quinn, President


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