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WhistlePig began when we purchased our farm in 2007. After a few years of deep consideration and personal reflection we committed ourselves to crafting the world’s finest and most interesting Rye Whiskeys. With help from Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, we discovered and purchased an incredible stock of 10-year-old blending Whiskey in Canada that was being profoundly misused. That initial stock, for which we are forever grateful, is what kicked off our grand adventure.



WhistlePig is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive food and beverage industry. They are committed to creating safer and more empowered workspaces for its employees, members and customers as well as being industry role models through sharing narratives and encouraging others to take initiative towards the goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Signed By

Jeff Kozak, Chief Executive Officer


Tue Apr 20 2021 20:03:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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