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Vinequity is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization founded by
seven female wine professionals of colour. The organization has three main objectives: (1) to host a
public online directory of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) in the Canadian wine industry;
(2) to raise scholarship funds and award them to BIPOC applicants wishing to further their wine industry
careers in Canada; and (3) to provide advocacy, resources and support to marginalized people who have
experienced barriers to advancing within Canada’s wine community.



In September 2020 Vinequity formally launched Canada’s first and only online directory of BIPOC (*Black, Indigenous,
People of Colour) people to identify, acknowledge and elevate the presence and importance of diversity in our country’s
wine industry. Our directory highlights qualified professionals to potential employers and provides organic opportunities
for mentorship and community building.
Vinequity is currently working to raise scholarship funds to award to marginalized individuals across the country who
wish to increase their professional wine education. Our goal for Year One is to raise $50,000 to benefit approximately 25
individuals, with the assistance and official endorsement of all five Master Sommeliers (MS) in Canada, as well as
Independent Wine Education Guild (IWEG), a national provider of the internationally recognized Wine & Spirit
Education Trust (WSET) and Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) designations

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