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The Duckhorn Portfolio family includes Duckhorn Vineyards, Paraduxx, Goldeneye, Migration,
Decoy, Canvasback, Calera and Kosta Browne. Focused on optimal grape selection, innovative
winemaking techniques and a premium barrel-aging program, The Duckhorn Portfolio is founded
on a pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to quality. The Duckhorn Portfolio was founded
in 1976 by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn, who built on a foundation of principles that emphasize the
importance and dignity of each employee of the company. These timeless principles have served us
well over the past several decades and manifest themselves in the traits we prize in our culture,
including compassion, respect, fairness and generosity.


The Duckhorn Portfolio, Inc

Through The Duckhorn Portfolio’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, the company is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion, and supporting individuals in our communities who are members of groups that have been historically disadvantaged because of their race, ethnicity, economic hardship, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity. We expect all company employees and ambassadors to demonstrate these values in interactions with fellow employees, customers, partners and in our communities.

In 2020, we produced a three-part Diversity and Inclusion Training series designed to place greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that our Diversity and Inclusion Trainings have been a positive step in addressing any biases and prejudice that may exist within our company. This series covered topics such as inclusion literacy, unconscious bias, and identifying microaggressions and actions. The trainings encouraged open participation for candid discussions, feedback, and reflection. At The Duckhorn Portfolio, we believe that a commitment to diversity and inclusion not only benefits our employees, but is also an important part of our evolution and growth as a company.

The Duckhorn Portfolio is specifically focused on supporting organizations with the primary focus of championing education in our surrounding communities. Through The Duckhorn Portfolio Founders Fund, our corporate giving program, we strive to improve access to education and to positively impact the economic futures of those individuals who are the focus of the initiative. Through targeted donations to charities and similar groups offering support in alignment with our principals, the Duckhorn Portfolio Founders Fund awards are designed to help recipient organizations achieve their mission and embody and inspire the notion that education can help every individual overcome inequality and thrive.

The Duckhorn Portfolio will also continue to research and participate in events that prioritize inclusivity such as the Be the Change Job Fair.

Signed By

Alex Ryan, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman


Fri Apr 16 2021 22:16:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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