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ŌMvino is unique because our team comprises food, beverage & hospitality professionals from the industry's highest echelons. We thrive on organic growth, relationships, and connections generated from years of consulting and growing businesses through a variety of marketing strategies. Our team's direct influence and experience in this niche market provide our clients with a distinct advantage; insider knowledge, trade relationships, and authentic consumer connections.

In our eyes, PR, marketing, and hospitality go hand in hand. Our priority is to ensure that our team is always prepared with the proper "digital mise en place" to deliver the highest service level.

ŌMvino is an international marketing & communications agency specializing in working with food, beverage, & lifestyle clients.

OMvino is an international marketing & communications firm that specializes in working with food, beverage, & lifestyle clients.
Service & experience are first for our clients and their consumers. We execute personalized plans for each client to reach their target audience based on our industry knowledge, cutting edge tools, and proprietary systems explicitly designed with intimate knowledge of food & beverage marketing & communications.

We represent a myriad of clients, including prestigious wineries, critically acclaimed restaurants, lifestyle companies, international wine regions, and startups. We host exclusive events and build outings for top-level executives, Fortune 500 companies, and private clients.



A commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Signed By

Jennifer Estevez, Founder & President


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