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Founded in 2010, Elenteny Imports is a B2B logistics company servicing US Importers and wine, beer, and spirits brands looking for a modern approach to alcohol distribution in the US. Importing wine, spirits, and beer to the U.S. is accompanied by countless rules and regulations, all amounting to potential roadblocks such as currency exchange, customs enforcement, shipping arrangement, and payment of duties, taxes, and more. Here at Elenteny, we help alcohol companies navigate the supply chain's complexities by providing logistics solutions, guaranteeing all the details between the initial order and final sale. Simply put, a wine importer will source and sell its product, such as a Prosecco from Italy, and Elenteny Imports takes care of the logistical steps in between!


Elenteny Imports

Elenteny Imports' commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience moves us forward. Our team is comprising a diverse group of professionals hailing from different backgrounds and industries. Whether an individual is not originally from the beverage alcohol industry, that is okay - so many skills translate into what we do. Diversity is a crucial driver of innovation and creativity, and it's a critical component of being a successful company.

Our employees have experience as sommeliers, sales representatives, customer service agents, retail workers, project managers, and accounting professionals stemming from different backgrounds - all to say, each member of our team has adapted their skill sets to logistics. Elenteny Imports will continue to build a workplace culture where difference is valued and diversity and empowerment are celebrated.

Signed By

Alexi Cashen, Chief Executive Officer


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