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Avaline is founded on raising the standard of what goes into your glass. We aim to deliver a range of
delicious clean beverages by using only the best ingredients and excluding unnecessary extras. To start
we’ve launched with a range of clean delicious wines and are building out a team of entrepreneurial minded individuals to help us scale this brand. Our mission is to make clean wine more accessible to consumers everywhere and to make the conversation around wine more approachable.



Diversity and inclusion has been a strategic initiative since our launch in 2020 and listed below are some of our commitments as we grow. As we build out our team, we’re committed to recruiting and building diversity across all functions and levels of the organizations.

Additionally, as we utilize agencies and contractors, we aim to use those with diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our marketing and branding efforts will reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion in order to reach diverse audiences and promote diversity and inclusion within the food and beverage industry. As we give back to our community, we chose to donate funds to organizations that help support underrepresented communities through our charitable donations.

Signed By

Abbott Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer


Tue Apr 20 2021 16:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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