Expert Support from DWS

  • In consultation with Diversity in Wine and Spirits experts, signees develop goals and dedicated strategies for diversity and inclusion in their organization.

  • Signees agree to a yearly self-audit. If commitments are not met, DWS offers services and resources to create a plan to help your initiatives become successful in achieving their goals.

Community Support

  • A real-time database of signees of the Diversity in Food and Beverage Pledge, categorized by industry sector, with company logos and pledges displayed.

  • A platform for diversity success stories, where signees are elevated as role models.

  • A locus for state-of-the-art news, research, and analysis on diversity and inclusion in the hospitality community.

The Diversity in Food and Beverage Pledge is a groundbreaking program for transparency and accountability in our industry. It is the brainchild of Diversity in Wine and Spirits

Diversity in Wine and Spirits

Our mission is to advocate, support and promote diversity and inclusion within the international hospitality industry  


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